D0p3 N3rd $quad

Everyone w/ SWAG is a NERD i can prove this THEORY!! Ask me Stuff! Submit!
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My new sounds:

That #DopeNerdSquad logo #DNS 
Made by Prince Treble ©
Lil Wyte followed me bruh, if you don’t know who like wyte is you ain’t trill
Real Shit. Just Die

My new sounds:

Single dropping tonight at 8

My new sounds:

Rvre Cxke Villain.
Had #Pizzazz when I was a baby in J’s
Follow me on vine, I just made one
Niggaz act like there wasn’t a Ice Cube, Nas, Wu Tang, Onyx, etc.

That’s all us dope nerds do watch anime

Me and the lil bro @rawsteez

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